Our Program

What services does SpiritHorse provide?

Established in 2010, SpiritHorse Liberty
provides riding lessons that are:
Research based, private,
Equine-assisted, and highly effective.
Each lesson includes horse management
as part of the curriculum, incorporating
responsibility and ownership. Each
student, to his own ability, leads, grooms,
and saddles his pony before and after
each lesson. While riding, each student’s
individual needs such as speech,
sensory, balance, behavior, cognitive
processing, etc., are being addressed
through horse therapy.

OUR PROGRAMS: Disabilities: (Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida, Hearing and Vision impairments, Brain injuries, etc.)..

Who is served by SpiritHorse?

SpiritHorse Liberty serves people with cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral disabilities.

Counties Served: Chambers, Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Polk, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Galveston

How many families are served?

With the help of your donations, SpiritHorse
Liberty served 263 people during the year of 2015.
Each child we help, makes a positive
difference in the whole family.

What does SpiritHorse charge?

SpiritHorse Liberty offers lessons to
Special needs children and/or adults

*Typical children $25 Donation

How is SpiritHorse funded?

Grants are written to large foundations &
corporations, but 97% of our support comes
from our Community and fundraisers.
Ways YOU can Help
Please visit our Facebook for more
Information & ways you can donate.
Learn more about our programs
and how they help the children.

Email: spirithorseliberty@yahoo.com

SpiritHorse Values:

Integrity, Compassion Accountability, Respect, Excellence WITHOUT COMPROMISE!!

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