Autism Awareness Walk-a-thon 2021

An Autism and Special Needs walkathon was held on Saturday, November 13, 2021. This event was organized by local high school students, Matthew Girard and Lily McNutt, and was assisted by brother Joseph Girard and parents Craig and Claudia Girard and Stephen and Karen Kearly. The high school students were getting extra college credit by doing something that they really wanted to do….help the community, and specifically SpiritHorse Liberty Therapeutic Riding Center.

Through fundraising efforts like this, SpiritHorse Liberty is allowed to continue offering equine therapy to special needs individuals FREE OF CHARGE! Thank you so much to all involved for a fantastic turnout! A special thank you goes out to the parents of these fine students for their efforts to support and assist in getting the word out and collecting donations. A VERY special thank you goes out the the management and employees of Tex-Trude, Inc. for their very generous donations! Our hearts are truly indebted to you.

Executive Director Donna Wiebelhaus and therapy horse Russell.

What’s been happening…

A Note from Donna Wiebelhaus, Exec. Director….
Thank you to the people that are holding SpiritHorse Liberty together while we are on hold due to Covid. First, Clarissa is up at 4 am every morning to feed horses. She and Robert are still at it in the evening when it is time to feed again. In addition to the many other duties that need to be done to take care of our horses, these two instructors are moving hay, feeding, bathing, exercising, doctoring Pax after her recent stifel tendon surgery, and Russell for his navicular problem, horses sore feet, minor dispute scratches and most of all, covering me while I recuperate from my knee replacement surgery. Roger and Robert are moving hay and getting ready for fall lessons. Rosana is staying busy making items for sale at the TVE Youth Rodeo on September 25 and making cover pads for the Walkathon on November 13, both of which benefit SpiritHorse! Debbie has caught up on office work. Olivia has helped with fliers and other paperwork, and has some very good public relations ideas, one of which may be an “Open Barn” day in November where everyone is invited to visit SpiritHorse and see the facility for themselves. Gene and Jackie Anderson of Gene’s Polaris donated a Polaris side x side to feed and move horses, as well as 20 loads of bank sand which make the arena useable after a light rain only an hour later! Board of Director member Craig Girard is very busy working on an autism awareness Walk-a-thon to take place on November 13. On October 19-23, SpiritHorse will park cars at the TVE Fair and Rodeo in Liberty, Texas. I do greatly appreciate the parents and instructors who have volunteered to work the TVE Youth Rodeo for SpiritHorse.
With all of this activity going on, we are looking forward to starting lessons again in the next couple of weeks. So many people have been SO VERY GRACIOUS to donate for the hay we need for the winter and to make donations to our Support A Horse program. Thank You So Much! Also, thank you to Courtney for donating three horses (Cinch, Spur, and Prince) to our herd.
This past summer, I attended a seminar at SpiritHorse International and raised our certification to SpiritHorse SENIOR Equine Assisted Therapist level. Everyone working at SpiritHorse is trying to be the best that we can be for ALL the children that ride with us.
It takes SO many people to provide the opportunity for special needs children to ride Free of Charge and I sincerely appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. If I have overlooked anyone that has helped make SpiritHorse what it is, I assure you, it is not intentional. I am so very grateful that so many people support our efforts!
You Make A Difference!!

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