Autism Awareness Walk-a-thon 2021

An Autism and Special Needs walkathon was held on Saturday, November 13, 2021. This event was organized by local high school students, Matthew Girard and Lily McNutt, and was assisted by brother Joseph Girard and parents Craig and Claudia Girard and Stephen and Karen Kearly. The high school students were getting extra college credit by doing something that they really wanted to do….help the community, and specifically SpiritHorse Liberty Therapeutic Riding Center.

Through fundraising efforts like this, SpiritHorse Liberty is allowed to continue offering equine therapy to special needs individuals FREE OF CHARGE! Thank you so much to all involved for a fantastic turnout! A special thank you goes out to the parents of these fine students for their efforts to support and assist in getting the word out and collecting donations. A VERY special thank you goes out the the management and employees of Tex-Trude, Inc. for their very generous donations! Our hearts are truly indebted to you.

Executive Director Donna Wiebelhaus and therapy horse Russell.

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